Best Baby Monitor Reviews - Detailed Analysis

We reviewed the best selling, highest rated and most popular baby monitors currently available from various merchants in the UK. Our independent reviews are mainly geared towards what actual users are reporting back after using these items for a few weeks and months monitoring their own newborn babies.
Product ImageConsumer Ratings and Product InformationFurther Information
Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor ReviewAngelcare AC401 Baby Monitor with Movement Sensor

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Adjustable Movement/Breathing Sensor
• LCD display in full colour
• Programmable Alarm
• Temperature Indicator
• Night light and/or “walkie talkie” mode

Best Deal Found: 21% Off

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Monitor ReviewCloser to Nature Digital Baby Monitor by Tommee Tippee

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Displays temperature of room
• Up to 300 meter range
• Two way talk back with volume control
• Night light on baby unit
• Docking Station

Best Deal Found: 23% Off

AngelSounds Baby Heartbeat Monitor Review PageAngelsounds Fetal Heart Detector

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Is useful from week 12 of pregnancy
• Allows you to listen to baby’s heartbeat
• Allows you to listen to mother’s heartbeat
• Recording cable for recording fetal sounds
• Records mother’s heartbeat for playback

Best Deal Found: 32% Off

BT baby monitor reviewsBT Two in One Baby Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Monitor and Pacifier
• Projected lightshow with sound
• 19 lullabies
• Night light
• Backlit LCD screen for parent unit

Best Deal Found: 23% Off

Angelcare AC1100 Video Movement and Sound MonitorAngelcare AC1100 Video Movement and Sound Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Nightlight
• Full colour LCD display screen
• Rotate and zoom capabilities
• Parent unit recharges in docking station
• Infrared night time picture

Best Deal Found: 12% Off

BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 UnitBT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Colour Screen
• 2.8” LCD Display
• Automatic night vision switch
• Can be used with up to 4 cameras
• Temperature display

Best Deal Found: 22% Off

Philips Avent baby monitor reviewsPhilips AVENT SCD525/00 Baby Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Superb sound quality - DECT
• Remote Controlled Night light/lullabies
• 5 lullaby tunes
• Talk back
• Displays baby’s room temperature

Best Deal Found: 31% Off

best baby monitor from MotorolaMotorola Mbp36 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• 3.5” LCD screen
• Talk back feature
• Room temperature indicator
• Zoom, tilt and pan option
• Five lullabies

Best Deal Found: 19% Off

Summer Infant Touch Video MonitorSummer Infant Touch Video Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Colour Display With Black And White Night Vision
• Digital Zoom From Parent Unit
• 2-way talk back
• Photo Capture Technology
• LED Sound Lights

Best Deal Found: 3% Off

Angelcare AC300Angelcare AC300 Movement Baby Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• SensorPad features adjustable sensitivity
• LED indicators
• Sound and movement monitoring
• Alarm after 20 seconds of no movement
• Halo nightlight

Best Deal Found: 17% Off

Philips AVENT SCD535Philips AVENT SCD535 DECT Baby Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Lightweight and portable parent unit
• Humidity and temperature sensor
• 5 Lullabies
• Range of 330m.
• DECT Technology

Best Deal Found: 26% Off

Bt 200 baby monitorBT 200 Digital Baby Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Crystal clear digital sound quality
• No interference
• 300m outdoors and up to 50m indoors ranges
• Out of range and battery warnings
• Talk Back feature

Best Deal Found: 22% Off

Motorola MBP8 Ditigal Audio MonitorMotorola MBP8 Digital Audio Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• data encryption for security
• 50 meter Indoor range
• Plug N Go System
• High sensitivity microphone
• LED feature

Best Deal Found: 24% Off

Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video MonitorSummer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Black and white night vision.
• 6.4cm color video tilt display.
• 2.4GHz Digital Video technology.
• Auto scan if used with an additional camera.
• Volume adjustment of visual sound lights

Best Deal Found: 23% Off

Tomy Digital Video Plus Monitor TDV450Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Colour Display with Infra-Red night vision monitor
• Remote-Controlled Digital Zoom
• Snapshot Feature To Take, Store And View Up To 100 Colour Pictures
• Remote Controlled Multicoloured Nightlight
• Slideshow Home Screen From Pictures Taken

Best Deal Found: 46% Off

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Sensor Mat MonitorTommee Tippee Digital Sensor Mat Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Displays room temperature
• Two-way talk back
• Controllable baby night light
• Displays the sound level indicator
• Adjustable sensor mat sensitivity level

Best Deal Found: 30% Off

Tomy TD300 Digital baby monitorTomy TD300 Digital Baby Monitor

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• DECT technology
• Low battery indicator
• Displays room temperature
• Two way talk back
• Two year manufacturers guarantee

Best Deal Found: 17% Off

Babysounds Fetal DopplerBabysounds Fetal Doppler

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Ergonomically designed
• LCD display shows heart rate
• Picks up heartbeat, kicks, hiccups and other fetal movements
• Audio sensor
• Recording cable for recording sounds for later playback
Tomy TD350Tomy Digital Plus Monitor TD350

Consumer Ratings: 3.5

• DECT technology
• Two way talk back
• RC multi-coloured night light
• Out of range and battery low alarm
• 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee

Best Deal Found: 24% Off

*We are constantly monitoring the prices of our reviewed baby monitors at the most reliable merchants. Because retailers can change their prices without notification, sometimes our best price suggestions might be out of date, but rest assured we are working on updating our system as often as we can.

Best Baby Monitor Reviews – Baby Monitor Buying Guide

best baby monitor from MotorolaWhen you have a baby come into your life you can not afford to cut corners when it comes to safety that is why we have created this simple guide to buying the baby monitors. There are many baby monitor reviews and guides on the internet and we believe that providing one complete guide will not only help you decide on a product but get the right information to keep your child safe. Having the best product will help put your mind at ease knowing you can hear your child and monitor them as best you can, without the worry of equipment failure.

The best baby monitors come with a variety of features that parents can use to keep close attention to their child or children, one of the biggest concerns to any parent is not being able to see their child if they ever become in distress. Having the a good quality baby monitor will not only put you at ease knowing you can monitor your child but the more advanced baby monitors come with additional features that can help just that little bit more.

When you have purchased the product from a well know brand based around your requirements there are a few considerations to think about to ensure your baby is safe around the product and where to position the device sits for the best results. Most reviews and safety suggestions recommend placing the sender within 9-12 feet away from the child or crib. This allows the baby monitor to pick up every sound your child makes, any distance further away and you could face a diminished reception and as a result the sounds quality will drop. Like wise a sender placed too close to a baby will often sound stifled as they are very sensitive, this stifling can cause unessential feedback and noise. Always remember however these are just guide lines, the best baby monitors often work at a variety of ranges so its important to test your self to see what you prefer. Consulting the various feedback from consumers could also provide an indication to the distance it could work at. Most Angelcare Monitor products received positive reviews in this regard.

Some baby monitors can also come with power leads that can trail from the monitor to a plug socket, for that reason always asses the placement of the base around your child. Most importantly ensure its not within reaching distance to avoid injury and harm, the further the power cord is away from the crib the better, never place it less than 3ft away from your baby.

What to Look For in a Baby Monitor

Most people don’t realize how the top manufacturers have been so inventive with the designs, as such there is a wide selection of products, features and technology it can cause unessential confusion. By following this information we are confident you will be able to make an informed decision on the best baby monitor for you and your child.

Philips Avent baby monitorThe first and most important aspect of choosing the best baby monitor is think about your house, this is related to the effective signal radius of your baby monitor. With the way baby monitors work they can sometimes struggle with solid walls and floors making the signal progressively weaker.

There are many baby monitor reviews of products that solve this problem but one sure way is to find a product that works on a lower frequency for those who are in an older style building. More modern day housing use a plaster based wall and insulation which doesn’t affect signals. Taking this into consideration is vital to getting the best product for you, consult the manufacturers description section to get a clear idea of the effective range.

Second is the privacy, this comes as a surprise to many but people can pick up baby monitor signals especially if they function on ‘analogue’ waves. This raises a high risk of security as people could pick up on conversations intentionally or unintentionally which is something you should consider in a close proximity environment such as a block of apartments or a terraced house. The manufacturers of the best baby monitors have come up with a few solutions to this problem and they work exceptionally well, if you buy an analogue product ensure the manufacturer  cover some form of security or encryption technology this way you can rest assured no one will be listening into your conversations. Alternatively you could make the decision to go for a digital baby monitor these function much differently to analogue making it nearly impossible for people to listen into private conversations, the downside to this is they do come at a higher cost. Consult the manufacturers product information for a more clear understanding of the security built into the baby monitor can help.

Other useful features that you should take note of include the ability to have video on your receiver, while not essential for a great quality product. Many parents want the best baby monitor they can find on the UK market and many manufacturers are producing baby monitors that allow a video to be viewed so parents can monitor their child more closely than ever before. While these fetch a higher price tag they are certainly worth the investment if you seek extra reassurance, these designs get great consumer reviews from buyers.

For some parents carrying around a receiver isn’t always convenient due to a variety of reasons which is why it’s important to consider how many receivers you require. Some people like to have 2 receivers one for separate locations of the house so they can monitor every event without consistently carrying a receiver on them as they are very easily forgotten to be picked up. To get the best baby monitor for you think about the plan of your house and how you could place the receivers for the best results.

Final note to be aware of is the battery life. While almost all of these products allow you to charge them from a plug socket it’s not always convenient to plug in your monitor every time you change rooms or leave it to charge for extended periods of time. This is why consideration should be taken into the battery life, a low battery life would not be suitable for a parent who constantly needs to move from one location to another. Many manufacturers provide information of the battery life to give you a clear understanding and estimate of how long it should last from a full charge.

Recommended Manufacturers

BT baby monitorWe took a look at the baby monitor reviews from Amazon UK to select the very best brands and manufacturers. We believe is vital to get only the best product for your child’s safety so we take these recommendations seriously so we only recommend the manufacturers that get the very best feedback from actual users.

First manufacturer we recommend is BT, not a company people often associate with making quality baby monitors but we have found many consumers to rate this as one of the top brands. Receiving a total of 120+ product reviews and an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 on a total of 3 products we have certainly found this to be one of the better makes, one such product received a 5/5 rating ! We looked at the baby monitor reviews for their popular products to get an understanding on why they are so popular. Many people comment that you can even hear your baby’s breathing if so you wish, this is vital when picking a manufacturer as picking up every sound is essential to keeping your baby safe.

In a close second position we have Philips, producing some quality baby monitors with a wide selection at a variety of prices. The Philips design goes for a more ‘neutral’ look with its white finish Again based on the consumer feedbacks Philips achieves a respectable 4 out of 5 stars from parents who used this item. These designs are crafted to be simple, light weight and do a solid job at monitoring your baby with great sound quality. We are confident anyone in search of the best baby monitor that Philips could provide a perfectly viable solution for a multitude of budgets.

You can read more about the history of baby monitors on Wikipedia.



Remember to not cut corners when it comes to your child’s safety, having a solid and reliable product will put you at ease. The key areas to check such as battery life, sound clarity, security and to decide if you need video on your receiver, if you follow the guide lines in this buying a baby monitor review then you have a solid understanding to buying a great product for your requirements, which is why we analyzed the best baby monitor reviews available online.