Angelcare AC1100 Video Movement and Sound Monitor Review

The Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor is a truly innovative and technologically advanced baby monitor. This monitor keeps track of your baby via sound monitoring, movement monitoring and video monitoring. This means you have assurance on all levels. With a portable clip on parent unit you can monitor your baby worry free without having to remember to pick up the monitor and carry it around the house as you do your chores. These are not the only features of this baby monitor and you can find out more by reading on. You will also find a description of the product as well as some Angelcare AC1100 reviews so you can see what consumers have to say about its functionality ant its value.

Angelcare AC1100 Baby Monitor Description

Angelcare AC1100 Video Movement and Sound Monitor The Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor doesn’t just allow you video monitoring but instead HD video monitoring at that. It is also great for sound and movement monitoring and so is the perfect monitor to keep track of your baby in every possible way. With a battery life of up to eight hours you can always monitor your baby. The video has a camera that allows you to rotate and zoom from the parent unit with its full colour 2.75” LCD screen. The parent unit also has a touch screen that allows the user to access all of the features and settings.

As far as sound transmission is concerned the AC1100 offers 2.4GHZ of sound transmission with over 60 channels so that you are certain of privacy. The SensorPad for keeping track of your baby’s movement is placed under the baby’s mattress. If your baby lays motionless for 20 seconds there will be an alarm sounded. The baby monitor has a range of 200 meters and also has an alarm for when you are going out of range. It also has a vibration mode if you don’t want to have the sounds activated. It gives you the opportunity to monitor the temperature in your child’s room and indicates the temperature on the parent unit. If the temperature gets too low or too high an alarm is sounded as well. It even has a sound indicator that tells you that the monitor is working properly so you don’t have to worry when your baby is sleeping. This indicator can be turned on or off to suit your purposes.

With your purchase of the Angelcare AC1100 you get the monitor, the parent unit and the movement sensor mat along with mains plug.

Angelcare AC1100 Baby Monitor Features

  • Nightlight
  • Microphone can be adjusted
  • Voice activation capable
  • Out of Range alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • ‘Tic’ feature indicating monitor is working
  • 60 channels
  • Full colour LCD display screen
  • Range of 200 metres
  • Rotate and zoom capabilities
  • Parent unit recharges in docking station
  • Belt clip for portability
  • Talk back capabilities
  • Infrared night time picture

User Reviews for the Angelcare AC1100 Video Monitor

You can learn a lot about a product after reading some customer reviews, so here are some of what consumers who have purchased and used this product have to say about it.

  • “The product works well…”
  • “For anyone who wants complete piece of mind, this is your monitor :)
  • “Can highly recommend this to anyone and have done to several friends”
  • “This is fantastic…”

One reviewer stated that their previous baby monitor was also from the Angelcare brand and provided them with movement and sound monitoring. They decided to upgrade to one that provided video monitoring since they slept on a different floor than their baby.   They note that it works well but that they have a little problem with reception in their house. They also state that they have problem with all types of devices that use wireless signals in their house anyway due to thick walls.

They note that they placed their base station on a tripod which it fits very well so that they can have the perfect view down in the cot. They say they welcome this model as an upgrade from their first one and love the fact that they can control everything from the parent unit. They speak about the temperature display and how they didn’t realize just how useful having a baby monitor could be until they got this one. They wish there was another cradle or at least the option to buy another one so that they could move the unit from cradle to cradle instead of using the belt clip but overall recommend the purchase of this unit.

One other reviewer mentioned that though the baby monitor is a bit more costly than others they bought it because it had the sensor mat as well as video. They say after using it for a couple weeks they wouldn’t want to be without it. She notes that the day time colour picture is great and the infrared night time picture is superb. She also praises the temperature reading capabilities and the fact that it can alarm if the room is either too cold or too hot. She initially didn’t want to read the instruction manual as it seemed daunting but she found that it was quite simple. She recommends this to anyone who wants to have peace of mind knowing their baby is safe.


Monitors sound and movement and has video capabilities as well so your baby is in the best hands. Provides total peace of mind to parents who want to ensure that they will be able to get to their baby the minute she or he needs them.


Sensor’s may go off incorrectly if the movement mat is not positioned properly or if baby moves away and gets into a corner of the cot. To avoid this always follow the instruction manual when positioning the sensor pad.


The Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor is the best solution to provide your baby with different levels of monitoring. It can give parents peace of mind that older models cannot due to the many enhanced features that it carries. The customers seem to all be pleased with their purchase and as such we can recommend this baby monitor for purchase as well.

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