Angelcare AC300 Movement Baby Monitor Review

If you are looking for a baby monitor that will be suitable for your newborn baby the Angelcare AC300 movement only monitor could be what you are looking for. This is ideal if you have baby sleeping in your room and only need a monitor to detect movement since they are close by anyway. This monitor can allow you to get the sleep you need while knowing that your baby is well in their cot just a couple of inches away from your bed. New parents are already sleep deprived as it is, it is great to have something that can allow you to rest easy those hours you get in between night time feedings. Read on to find a description of this product, its features and some customer reviews to help you make your purchase decision as well.

Angelcare AC300 Description

Angelcare AC300The Angelcare AC300 not only detects movement but also detects sound. It allows you to know that your baby is OK and just simply sleeping soundly. It picks up even your baby’s slightest breathing and it will indicate through an alarm if your baby has not moved for 20seconds. If you already have a sound monitor you can use it along with it or if you have multiple babies or young children in different rooms it is also ideal.

With your purchase of this devices you will get a nursery unit and an under mattress SensorPad. The product uses 2 AA batteries that are not included.

Angelcare AC300 Movement Baby Monitor Features

  • SensorPad features adjustable sensitivity
  • LED indicators
  • Sound and movement monitoring
  • Audio tic so you know the monitor is working
  • Alarm after 20 seconds of no movement from baby
  • Low battery indictator
  • Halo nightlight

Customer Reviews for Angelcare AC300 Monitor

Consumer reviews can tell you all you need to know about this product. Reading them all can be pretty time consuming and so we have included a couple here for you to browse through. But before you read them, here are just a couple things that people are saying about the Angelcare AC300 monitor.

  • “If I didn’t have this I wouldn’t sleep at night. I’ve had no false alarms. I had 1 real alarm”
  • “Every mother should have one!”
  • “This is one of the best products that I have bought.”
  • “…the peace of mind it has brought to us has been well worth the money.”
  • “I cannot recommend it highly enough, buy it!”

One customer said she wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if she didn’t have the Angelcare AC300 Movement Baby Monitor. She said that since having it she had only one real alarm and no false alarms. She said when she got to the Moses basket her baby had a comforter covering her face. She is convinced that the monitor saved her baby’s life and since then she has not placed anything in the baby’s crib. She recommends this product to every mother.

Another reviewer says this item should be mandatory for anyone who has a baby or young child. She says it allows her to sleep better at night knowing that an alarm will alert her if her baby stops breathing. She says that it is definitely a lifesaving item and a great sleep aid for new and first time parents.

One other reviewer said they purchased the item after moving their baby into their own room. They say though they have only had it for a short time they love the fact that since its purchase they have a level of calm at night and so are able to sleep better. They state that the product came with clear and easy to read instructions and they were not sure if there were supposed to be batteries inside or not. But apart from the battery mix up they find the monitor is just fine.

One reviewer commented that the Angelcare AC300 baby monitor is the best thing they have ever purchased. They say they didn’t get a monitor with their first baby because so many people were complaining about false alarms. They got one for the second baby and were glad since they moved the baby into their own room within a couple of weeks. They say the baby monitor gave them the peace of mind they need to sleep with their baby in another room. They say that they believe the product is well worth the price and they recommend its purchase to any and every one.

One reviewer said their baby preferred to sleep on his tummy and for his first six months they had him sleeping on his side in their room as they were close if he rolled onto his tummy. When they decided to move him into his own room, knowing he would end up on his tummy, they decided to get a movement monitor. They say it was easily installed and works extremely well and was very sensitive even under their thick mattress. Now their baby sleeps through the night and naps during the day while they have peace of mind he is ok.

One reviewer said they were a bit worried about how sensitive the movement mat was. They thought they may have a lot of false alarms from the baby breathing softly. They are happy they made their purchase since they have never had to worry about false alarms. She says she finds that it was money well spent and so she recommends every mother and parent to go out and buy this baby monitor.


The Angelcare AC300 features a SensorPad that can sound an alarm when your baby has been still for 20 seconds. This means that even while your baby is asleep you are assured that they are still well and breathing.


Some customers have complained about false alarms but not too many have this problem so if you encounter this problem it may just be that you have gotten a faulty or too sensitive unit.


The Angelcare AC300 reviews confirm that this product is in fact a great product that can give parents the peace of mind they need. It comes highly recommend by owners which is a sure sign that it is a high quality product.


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