Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad Review

The Angelcare AC401 is a best buy baby monitor according to the consumer reviews out there. It has racked up a majority of five star and four star ratings on the internet. It is a baby monitor as well as it comes with a sensor pad which you place under your baby’s mattress. This is then monitors even the slightest movements of your baby and when it does not detects any movement for 20 seconds it then alerts. This is an especially useful feature for parents who are looking for a reliable solution to tackle every parent’s worst nightmare the cot death.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor Description

Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor ReviewThe manufacturers of the Angelcare AC401 are aware of the difficulties of parenting especially when you are doing it for the first time. Babies are so gentle, so fragile and they need the best care and they always need to know that their parents are there for them when they need them. With this monitor you will be able to tend to your baby as soon as you realize they need you. The sensor pad not only picks up motion but also picks up sound and will alert you if there is none of these from your baby for 20 seconds. It has a number of other features for monitoring your child and has one of the best sound clarities, something you will only find in the best baby monitor. The parent unit is mobile and has a rechargeable battery so that you can always be confident knowing that you will be able to know when your baby needs you.

With your purchase of the Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad you get an instruction manual, the sensor pad which should be placed under the baby’s mattress, the parent unit, the nursery unit, a charging cradle, 2 AC adaptors and 4 rechargeable AAA batteries to be used with the parent unit.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor Features

  • Allows you to manually select from 8 different channels and 2 different frequencies
  • Analogue transmission
  • LCD display in full colour
  • Alarm can be programmed into device
  • Indicates the temperature of the baby’s room and alarms as necessary
  • Icon indicating sound
  • Icon indicating motion
  • Indicates when out of range
  • SensorPad sensitive enough to feel even the slightest breath
  • Clip on belt for portability of parent unit
  • A parent unit that can be recharged
  • Sensitivity of SensorPad can be adjusted
  • Choose from voice activated or continuous transmission of sound
  • Volume level can be adjusted
  • Indicator for telling volume level
  • Can be used as a night light
  • Can be used like a “walkie talkie”
  • Includes manufacturer warranty for products used within the United Kingdom

Customer Reviews for Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor

So that is what the manufacturer is saying about the Angelcare AC401 but what are the consumers, owners and users of the products saying? Here are a couple reviews that you should find helpful but before we delve in-depth into them check out some little snippets of what people are actually saying about this baby monitor.

  • “The sound quality on this model is superb…”
  • “…I would recommend this to any parent.”
  • “If you can afford to buy this – do…”
  • “This is an excellent product…”
  • “When the parent unit is switched off the pad still works & a loud alarm sounds if no movement (breathing) is found.”

One reviewer wrote their review after owning the baby monitor for a couple days. They state that they purchased it for their first child and they really wanted a great quality product so that they could always be able to monitor their baby. Well they got just what they wanted and mentioned that there was zero interference in the sound and that the device has so many wonderful features that make it worth every penny. They especially love the voice activated feature and the nightlight. The conclusion is that they would definitely recommend the Angelcare AC401 to any parent with a baby.

Angelcare AC401 baby monitor sensor padOne reviewer purchased this prior to having their baby and had the unfortunate incident of it going off when the baby was a mere 5 days old. They took her to the hospital and after three days of testing and monitoring she was found to be ok. They state that they are very happy they had this device and wouldn’t want to think of what may happen had they not had it that night. She also stated that she now doesn’t believe she could ever sleep again if her baby was not able to sleep with that pad beneath her. They have since used it for another child and are very happy with the product. They urge parents not only to purchase the monitor but also to take resuscitation classes so they know what to do if the alarm does go off and it is not a false alarm.

One reviewer started their review by agreeing with other mothers who had left reviews. She states that the monitor allows her to really sleep at night knowing that she will be alerted if there is a problem or the baby needs her for whatever reason. She has a son that is old enough to climb out of his crib and she states that this lets her know when he has climbed out. They state that they have had a couple of false alarms when the baby went and wrapped himself up at the edge of the pad where it couldn’t sense him but they don’t mind these false alarms as they at least let them know that the product is in fact working. She ended by saying that she plans to use the Angelcare AC401 for as long as she can and urges anyone who can afford it to definitely make the purchase.


This baby monitor has a lot going for it, it comes with a Sensor Pad with variable sensitivity levels that you can choose and has a host of neat features such as room temperature indicator, talk back feature and much more.


Of all the reviews there was nothing negative said about the product or how it functions. The closest thing to negative would be a user informing others not to use it while the mobile is running as this will cause it to pick up movement if the baby is in fact not moving.


These Angelcare AC401 baby monitor reviews all point to one main thing; this is a great product that provides parents with peace of mind and value for money.


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