Angelsounds Fetal Heart Detector Review

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A lot of new parents are now using fetal heart detectors more popularly known as dopplers to keep abreast of their baby in utero. These devices help new parents to hear their baby’s heart beat and so they can tell that their baby is OK. These are the same types of devices that doctor’s use to check the baby’s hear t rate in their office and now they are available for use in the home.

One good choice is the Angelsounds Fetal Heart Detector and we can say it is a good choice because it has hundreds of reviews on one retailer’s website. So we decided to do our own research on this heart rate monitor to find out if it is indeed the best. We have compiled our usual style review to reflect a description of the product, its features and we have included some of those many customer reviews as well.

Angelsounds Fetal Heart Detector Description

AngelSounds Baby Heartbeat Monitor Review PageThe Angelsounds Fetal Heart Detector allows you the ability to listen to your baby’s prenatal sounds. It can monitor their heartbeat and let you know if your baby is alright right from the privacy of your home. With this device you can hear your baby’s heartbeat whenever you want but it’s not only their heartbeat but can even hear them kicking or when they are having hiccups.

It even allows you the ability to record the sounds so you can share them with friends and family and save them for years. The mom can even record her own heartbeat and play it back to her baby to calm and soothe the baby. It is recommended that the monitor be used with an ultrasound gel for the best results.

With your purchase you will get the Fetal Heart Detector, a set of headphones, the recording cable, a 9 volt battery and the instruction manual.

Angelsounds Fetal Heart Detector Features

  • Is useful from week 12 of pregnancy
  • Allows you to listen to baby’s heartbeat
  • Allows you to listen to mother’s heartbeat
  • Recording cable for recording fetal sounds
  • Records mother’s heartbeat for playback
  • Complies with EC Directive 93/42/EEC(MDD)
  • Operates between temperatures of 0 and 40 degrees Celsius
  • Uses a 9 volt alkaline battery which is included

Consumer Reviews for the Angelsounds Fetal Heart Detector

With so many reviews this product is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a fetal heart rate monitor. Not only are there a lot of reviews but there are a lot of five star reviews. Customers are saying things like;

  • “…this item has really put my mind at rest.”
  • “I would definitely recommend it to everyone!”
  • “This product is brilliant.”
  • “I would totally recommend this Doppler to anyone who is thinking of purchasing one.”

Angelsounds Heart Monitor with Pregnant LadyOne reviewer said they purchased this after getting a positive 9 week scan. She said she thought it wouldn’t work so early and for the first couple tries she only heard her heartbeat. She said the first day she heard something she had actually drank a lot of water and made sure her bladder was full. She said it was uncomfortable but she did hear her baby’s heartbeat and that made it all worth it.

One lady said she purchased this fetal monitor after her fourth miscarriage and she is glad to have this one because it has given her peace of mind. She says just knowing that she can listen to her baby whenever she wants gives her reassurance and lessens her anxiety. She notes that when her baby starts moving she may not use the device as often and that she recommends this to women in the first stages of pregnancy that are anxious about the state of their baby.

She notes that it takes a good amount of practice before you can position it properly so if you don’t hear your baby at first you shouldn’t stress yourself too much. She also recommends baby oil if and when you run out of gel saying that it is just as suitable as the gel. She gave some more recommendations to potential users namely to use it with a full bladder, with plenty of gel or oil and not to use it for too long nor too frequently.

She cautions mothers to first listen to their heartbeat and note its rhythm before searching for the baby’s so they will definitely know when they are hearing the baby’s. She also recommends you use slowly across the belly especially your first time.  She concluded her review by wishing others happy listening.

One reviewer said the choice to purchase this Doppler was made by herself as well as her husband. They said they were both a bit skeptical about if it would work or not but were pleasantly surprised to clearly hear their baby’s heartbeat. She says this is especially nice since her husband is yet to feel any kicks from the baby so hearing the heartbeat helps him to fell involved. She says she would definitely recommend this to anyone who was on the market for a fetal heart rate monitor.

One lady said she made the purchase when she was 17 weeks pregnant. She said she had not had missed her last appointment and so she decided to purchase it to do her self-checks on if the baby was ok. She said she was able to hear the baby right away and that she was reassured with the sound of the baby’s heartbeat. She loved that she could also hear the baby kicking and moving around. She said she had other children that love to listen to the baby and also love to listen to their heartbeats as well. She said her husband was at first skeptical but learned to appreciate it. She noted how hilarious the instructions are since the item is made in China and made a note of one sentence – “do not use near flammable anesthetics”. She completed by saying that the Doppler is a good value product overall and despite the hilarious Chines to English translation.

One lady said buying this Doppler was the best £30 she and her husband ever spent. She said she purchased it when she was 15 weeks pregnant and the first couple tries only picked up her heartbeat. She was overjoyed to finally hear her baby’s heartbeat as well as to hear the baby kick. She says she thoroughly recommends this Doppler to anyone seeking a good quality device at an affordable price.

One reviewer states that this is a brilliant product which she purchased at week 14 of pregnancy. She loves the fact that she doesn’t have to wait for a doctor’s visit to hear her baby’s heartbeat and this gives her assurance since she had problems with previous pregnancies. She says she totally recommends this product.


This Doppler is a good quality unit and comes at a very affordable price. It is among those with the highest ratings form customers and owners.


While the monitor is well made and does its job well it has poor English in the instructions but this does not affect its functionality.


The Angelsounds Fetal Heart Detector is indeed one of the best products in its niche. There are a large amount of satisfied customers and so we recommend the purchase of this Doppler.

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