Babysounds Fetal Doppler with LCD Heart Rate Display Review

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The Babysounds Fetal Doppler has gone a step above the rest to include an LCD screen. Past Dopplers had only the unit plus headphones but this one has the screen which shows you the baby’s rate readout. This new feature caught our eyes as we believe that this product may be a good contender for a great fetal Doppler available on the market today. We did our research and you can see our findings below. In an effort to get the word out about this fetal heart rate monitor we have included all you need to know – a description of the product according to its manufacturers as well as a list of its features and some customer reviews too.

Babysounds Fetal Doppler Description

Babysounds Fetal DopplerThis fetal heart rate monitor like other monitors of its type allows you to hear your baby’s heartbeat as well as your baby’s movements from the 12th week of pregnancy. With the added LCD screen, not only can you hear your baby’s heart beat but you can also see what their heart rate is. This can help you to determine if their heart is beating properly or not. With this device you can hear your baby’s first movements before you can start feeling the kicks. You will be able to hear blows and hiccups and other baby movements too. The unit is small, extremely portable and is easy to use. It is ergonomically designed with its easy grip handle and can be moved around and used with ease unlike other larger models currently on the market.

With your purchase you get a recording cable which gives you the ability to save the sounds that you find most precious. The recordings can be transferred to your computer then to a CD or other type of memory device so that you can keep it or can send to friends and family.

Babysounds Fetal Doppler Product Features

  • Ergonomically designed
  • LCD display shows heart rate
  • Picks up heartbeat, kicks, hiccups and other fetal movements
  • Audio sensor
  • Recording cable for recording sounds for later playback

Consumer Reviews for the Babysounds Fetal Doppler

There are mixed opinions when it comes to this Babysounds heartbeat monitor but that is true of every consumer product. This product has a very good amount of positive reviews which you can find some of below. But before we get in-depth into reviews here are just a couple snippets of what people are saying about this fetal Doppler.

  • “Brilliant!”
  • “This product is excellent…”
  • “…I have peace of mind every day when I listen to my baby moving.”
  • “This works very well indeed”
  • “Good value for money”

One reviewer states that she had two miscarriages and so she purchased this to get peace of mind which it is delivering. She says the transmission is clear and powerful and she believes that it is a good product and would recommend its purchase to anyone.

Babysounds Fetal Doppler with Pregnant LadyOne other reviewer states that the fetal Doppler does in fact work extremely well. They state that they quickly and easily found the baby’s heartbeat but cautioned that there may be times when you have to poke the Doppler into your side or some other place to get a sound. She says she has never been unable to find a heartbeat even if it took a little time.

She notes that it is great that the heart beats per minute shows up on the screen so you know exactly if your baby’s heartbeat is within normal ranges or below or above the normal ranges. She loves that there are two slots for earphones so that both her and her husband can listen to the baby’s movements at the same time. She noted that the gel for use with the Doppler was included and that you don’t really need that much gel for it to work properly.

One reviewer states that this item gave them good value for money and that they are very happy with their purchase. They say that the unit is very useful especially in the early months when you can’t feel the baby’s movements because they are so small and in the later months when the movement halts due to lack of space for them to be very active.

Another reviewer states that she and her husband decided to get one of these after having a miscarriage. They got it because they wanted to see if they could hear the baby’s heartbeat before their scheduled scan and at 10 weeks they tried and found their baby’s heartbeat as clear as day. They recorded it since they were so happy and say they would recommend this monitor to any potential parent, concluding that it is excellent value for money.

We recorded it using the audio out cable and I can’t stop listening to possibly the most amazing sound I have ever heard!! I would recommend this product to any parent to be, the seller was excellent, quality excellent and the value for money excellent.

Other reviewers spoke to the peace of mind that they receive when they use this product. This is especially true for those who have had previous miscarriages and a large number of people who purchase it fall into this category. One lady says she used it after having some pains and was happy to know she didn’t have to take a trip to the doctor since she could monitor the baby’s heartbeat and heart rate from home. She noted that it is so small and easy to use and comes at a fraction of the cost of those sold by competitors. She completed her review by stating that she highly recommends the product.

One reviewer said she had a midwife and then she had ultrasound appointments every now and then. So she decided to purchase this monitor so she could have some peace of mind in between appointments. She said her partner can now listen to the baby all he wants since he is never able to make it to the ultrasound appointments because of work. She says each time she listens she wells up with tears. She says she recommends it to anyone and have already recommended it to some pregnant friends.


The Babysounds Fetal Doppler is ergonomically designed so that it is easier to use and thus easier for you to find a baby’s heartbeat. It also features an LCD display screen which is something you don’t see on a lot of fetal Dopplers.


The fetal Doppler has no separate handheld probe and so you have to put the unit to your belly, some people may find this a bit hard to do especially if they are used to using a Doppler that has a separate hand held probe.


The Babysounds Fetal Doppler has a lot of positive reviews. It has a vast majority of five and four star reviews and less than 10 one star reviews so we consider this a good enough product to purchase if you are looking for a fetal heart rate Doppler.

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