Philips AVENT SCD525/00 Baby Monitor Review

The Philips AVENT SCD525/00 baby monitor has a lot going for it. It features DECT which gives you the clearest connection at all times so you are confident that your baby’s wellbeing is protected because you can know if and when they are in distress. This is one of the reasons this is considered as one of the best baby monitors. Along with having advanced, state of the art technology you will also find a large amount of five and four star Philips AVENT SCD525/00 reviews online. Read on to find out more about this baby monitor and to find out if it could be the best baby monitor that you are looking for.

Philips AVENT SCD525/00 Baby Monitor Description

Philips Avent baby monitor reviewsThis baby monitor comes with a guarantee that you will have no interference from any other product that uses wireless signals within a range of up to 330 meters. This gives you added confidence while enabling you to still function efficiently completing other necessary tasks while baby is at sleep or play.

Some of its features that will be loved by both baby and parent are the night light that can be operated remotely so you can give them the reassurance and feeling of safety they need while not having to disturb them. The night light is not a regular night light as it glows in a number of shapes so that your baby can use it as a distraction for soothing themselves back to bed. Another handy feature is the thermometer that allows you to know the temperature of your baby’s room as long as you are within range.

With your purchase of the Philips AVENT SCD525/00 you get the Baby Monitor, parent unit, charging base for the parent unit, belt clip also for the parent unit, neck cord, batteries and a user manual.

Philips AVENt SCD525/00 Baby Monitor Features

  • Superb sound quality thanks to DECT
  • No interference guarantee
  • Allows user the ability to adjust the sensitivity of sound that it can pick up and transmit
  • Adjustable volume and sound levels
  • Battery lower indicator
  • Out of range indicator
  • Noise level indicator
  • Light indicator that works even when muted to tell you the amount of sound that is coming from your baby’s room
  • Night light and lullabies that are remote activated
  • 5 lullaby tunes
  • 24 hours of monitoring with the parent unit and rechargeable batteries
  • Long range of up to 330 metres
  • Talk back
  • Displays baby’s room temperature digitally
  • Has an ECO mode

Customer Reviews for Philips AVENT SCD525/00 Baby Monitor

There are quite a number of Philips AVENT SCD525/00 reviews we went through. In an effort to give you a stress free search we have included some customer reviews below but first let’s see what people are actually saying.

  • “…gives you exactly what the specifications say.”
  • “I would definitely recommend it.”
  • “An excellent baby monitor.”
  • “Fantastic monitor”

One reviewer lauded the manufacturer saying that the baby monitor really stood up and accomplished all that they specifications said it would. They spoke about the clarity of the sound, its portability, the sound indicator and the size of the parent unit.

Another reviewer state they purchased the monitor when they were ready to put their son in his own room to sleep. They said they loved everything about it, the pleasant nightlight, and the fact that they didn’t need any batteries and finished by saying they would definitely recommend the product.

Philips Avent SDC535 Baby Monitor Review with MomOne reviewer started by saying that the Philips AVENT SCD525/00 is an excellent product. They also said that they have owned a Philips baby monitor before; 11 years to be exact but they decided that they should get a new one this time around. They especially love the size as well as the fact that the monitor comes with a number of features. They finally state that they recommend it to anyone who is searching for a baby monitor to purchase.

Another reviewer said it worked perfectly. They love the many features and love the fact that the batteries will last all day, recommending this product to parents without any hesitation.

One reviewer described it as fantastic. They said they made this purchase so that they could replace an old monitor they had. They state that their older monitor buzzed and was not digital so they thought it safer to get one of the newest models on the market this time. They note that the lullabies are loved by their son who falls asleep rather quickly with them playing and they love the clarity that it provides and the easy recharging base.

Another reviewer also mentioned that their baby loves the lullabies and they also love the fact that the item is small and uses rechargeable batteries. They note that they were able to use theirs out of the box and states that they will recommend the product, as it is a great option for those who are seeking value for their money.

Another individual who purchased the product said the main factor behind their purchase was the size of the item and the fact that it had a temperature sensor. They also love the ECO mode which allows them to have the batteries lasting a “couple of days” and they love the fact that it features a long range. They also mention the fact that the light and lullabies could be controlled from the parent unit and the clarity of the talk back function as well.


The Phillips AVENT SCD525/00 is a feature packed baby monitor with one of the best features being its use of DECT technology. It also has a number of other neat features for those who like convenience and comfort and just to know that your little one is always safe.


A few reviewers state that the night light was a bit pale but good if your baby doesn’t need middle of the night feeding or changing and just needs it for reassurance. One reviewer also found the talk back button sensitive saying that they keep pressing it accidentally when they pick up the unit.


From the Philips AVENT SCD525/00 reviews we can safely say that this is a very good purchase to make, an item that is manufactured by a company well know for producing top quality baby products. If you are a parent who needs to constantly know that your baby is ok or if you are wondering what a good gift for a parent to be is then this is a good pick.