BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 Review

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While a lot of new parents are just contented by simply listening to the sounds of their infants, there are others who like to see their babies as well. For these parents, here is the good news. The BT Group currently takes over the rank when it comes to video baby monitors. The company is considered as UK’s bestselling brand when it comes to digital baby monitors since January 2010. Since then, Prima Baby & Parenting Magazine has again voted BT as the ‘Best Baby Monitor Brand’. In addition, the company’s Baby Monitor 250 has also grabbed the Gold Award for Top Mother and Baby Award 2011 for best Baby Monitor. They are also presently creating new developments and innovations on their product range. BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 is a recent creation of the company so that more parents can keep an eye on their children. We have conducted our own research on this video baby monitor so we can tell you what matters the most – its description, features and customer reviews and to find out if this one fits for your needs.

BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 Description

BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 UnitThe BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 allows parents to have a smooth video experience on a big 2.8 inch LCD colour screen.  It also allows you to watch your child anytime of the day and through the night thanks to night vision that is automatically switched on when the room gets dark. The baby monitor also allows you to check the room temperature and lets you calm your baby with 5 different lullabies. It also uniquely allows parents to connect up to 4 extra cameras in order for you to monitor each of your children when your family grows.

The BT Digital Video Baby Monitor allows you to automatically switches between 52 channels in order to prevent any interference.  It also provides parents perfect picture quality with its very high refresh rate and Wi-Fi connection.  Parents will also benefit from its talk back feature that allows them to calm and relax their baby without going into the room. There are a lot of alert modes like beeping, sound monitoring, vibrating, or flashing lights for you to tell when baby needs you. The parent unit can be carried around with ease and with the range of 50 m indoor and 300 m outdoors and an out of range indicator you will always know that your baby is being monitored. The batteries are also rechargeable so you can use the unit anytime of the day.

BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 Features

  • Colour Screen
  • 2.8” LCD Display
  • Automatically switches to night vision when it gets dark
  • Capable of being used with up to 4 cameras
  • Automatically switches channels to prevent interference
  • 52 possible channels to choose from
  • Displays the temperature of your baby’s room
  • Range of 50 meters in doors
  • Range of 300 meters out side
  • Parent Unit uses Li-Pol battery
  • Baby unit uses 4 AA batteries if necessary

Consumer Reviews for BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000

This product has a lot of positive reviews which makes it definitely a good choice if you are looking for a video baby monitor. Most of the consumers say things such as;

  • “A very good baby sound/video monitor”.
  • “Simplicity itself and good quality.”
  • “Great baby monitor.”
  • “Great essential for those with little ones.”

One man said that this product is going to be very famous. He was impressed with the good quality of the picture on the BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000. He was also satisfied on how easy it was to set up the monitor. He also said that the lullabies that are being played by the system were lovely, calming and relaxing. He even said that the lullaby’s humane touch keeps the baby sound asleep.

BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 Night VisionA certain reviewer said that he loved the excellence of the picture quality on the BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000. He also added that it is very easy to set up. In fact, he was impressed by how good it fit in one package as he was expecting a larger box. He said that the fact that it can use multiple cameras is very ideal plus the fact that it automatically displays the channel that has the best picture quality. He also said that the lullabies are lovely as they keep the baby contented. He was indeed secured that his baby is safe with the help of this monitor.

Another reviewer said that he had certainly got peace of mind when he bought this baby monitor. He said that it has everything from the camera for the baby unit to the large screen for the parent unit. He added that the device was easy to set up and the manual helped him a lot especially since he is not technically minded. He said that the adjustable camera from the baby unit can easily allow him to get the view he wants and the night vision that is automatically switched on when the lights go out is good enough to let you see what is going during the night.

He added that the parent unit is small and handy that makes it very easy to carry. He was also impressed with the talk back feature that allows him to calm his baby while doing other things. He said that the baby unit works well with 4 AA batteries as well as the mains plug while the parent unit has a rechargeable battery that is included in the package. He suggested that if others want to buy additional cameras, they can do so and put it in other rooms in their house and can switch the channels on the parent unit. He concluded that the BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 is an excellent product and he would definitely highly recommend it.


This video monitor has excellent picture quality, has an impressive signal range, and comes with awesome features. In many ways, it has a lot of positive remarks from its consumers. In fact, many consumers will definitely recommend this to other parents.


While the monitor has a lot of great features, the camera unit does not have a rechargeable battery for long term usage.


The BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 completes the line of BT products that guarantees parents even more peace of mind. So wherever you are in your home with this video monitor you can feel at rest knowing your baby is alright and if they are not you will be alerted as such.  This is definitely the best baby monitor for you.

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