BT Two in One Baby Monitor Review

The BT Two in One Baby Monitor is a well-loved baby monitor. It is not only a baby monitor but also a pacifier which is why it is called a two in one device. The pacifying feature is a lightshow that is projected on the wall or ceiling of the baby’s room. This is not the only feature that makes this the best baby monitor but you will need to read on to find out more about its features, description and some actual customer reviews as well.

BT Two in One Baby Monitor Description

BT baby monitor reviewsThis is a truly spectacular and technologically advanced baby monitor. Not only does it act as a digital baby monitor and a pacifier but it also features an MP3 connection and plays lullabies in HD sound. The BT brand is a reputable and was voted as the “Best Baby Monitor Brand” by Parenting Magazine and Prima baby.  It has also been the brand that has the best-selling monitors since January of 2010.

This is a new addition to the line of baby monitors from the manufacturer BT and it provides you with a way to monitor your baby and to calm them when you cannot respond to their cries immediately. It has a talk back feature that allows a parent to reassure baby when they cannot get to them right away. This coupled with the HD sound quality means your baby will think you are close by and won’t be startled by crackles or static sounds being transmitted with your voice.

The light show that is projects is of stars and is combined with audio from popular lullabies such as twinkle, twinkle and various compilations from Mozart and many others that have a great track record of being able to relax babies. If those aren’t enough then you can use the MP3 connection to add your own music allowing you to play music that your baby is familiar with and likes. You can also make recordings of yourself singing the lullabies and then plug into the device via the MP3 port and play.

Bt Baby Monitor LightsIt also has a long range of 50 meters inside and up to 300 meters outside. The parent unit has a screen that allows you to change the lullabies, set reminders and even check the temperature all from outside the baby’s room. There is also a night light that changes colour when the temperature changes so you can tell if your baby’s room is too cold or too warm without even reading the temperature.

For setting reminders you can choose from a number of modes such as vibrating, flashing lights or beeping. The parent unit uses rechargeable batteries that allow you to always be able to monitor your baby while saving you money. There is also a nightlight and torch function that allows you to get around in the dark without having too much light to wake up the baby. It comes with a nice travelling bag that gives you the opportunity to bring the monitor out on vacation or trips to see family etc.

BT Two in One Baby Monitor Features

  • Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier
  • Projected lightshow of stars complete with sound
  • HD sound quality
  • Vibrating alert
  • Indoors range of 50 meters
  • Outdoors range of 300 metres
  • MP3 port
  • 19 included lullabies
  • Night light that is adjustable
  • Backlit LCD screen for parent unit
  • Torch and flashlight
  • Set reminders
  • View temperature of baby’s room
  • Temperature change indicator light
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of one year

Customer Reviews for the BT Two in One Baby Monitor

What are customers saying about the BT Two in One Digital Baby Monitor? Good things of course, here are a couple snippets taken from actual reviews;

  • “…first impression was WOW!!”
  • “I love this monitor.”
  • “The reception is crystal clear.”
  • “…absolutely excellent!”

One reviewer states that they were impressed upon opening the package. Even the husband was impressed with the whole package. She says this is pretty unusual when it comes to baby stuff so that just goes to show that this is indeed a neat product. She states that the lightshow is pretty awesome for the size of the machine and the sound quality is crystal clear. She finishes her review by saying that she definitely recommends the product due to the fact that is has rechargeable batteries, is portable and best of all multipurpose.

Another reviewer commented on how clear the reception on the parent unit is. They also love the quality of the sound saying that they can hear their baby breathing. They like the little light show and so does the baby. They also love the fact that they can control the different features from the parent unit so they do not have to make too many trips to the baby’s room.  They also love the fact that the batteries are rechargeable. They ended their review by saying that it is a fantastic monitor.

One reviewer made first mention of the temperature indicator light. They love that with just one look at the light they can tell the general temperature of the baby’s room.  They also love the fact that the device has a number of tunes and white noise as well for new born babies. They find the sound to be fantastic and love that there is no interference. Overall this product received great reviews from all over the place, so our research shows that it is indeed an excellent product.


This digital monitor is a multifunctional device having a night light, lightshow, reminder feature and so much more. From the reviews read it really meets the need of convenience for busy parents which is always a plus.


Of all the reviews there were a couple of complaints about buttons sticking but this seems to be localized problems as the majority of the reviews were five and four star reviews.


The BT Two in One Baby Monitor is a great addition to any home with a baby whether it is a new born or an older child. It allows you the convenience to still get things done around the house while being able to closely monitor your child. As such it is definitely a recommended purchase.