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Angelcare Monitor with Movements Sensor

Movement sensors are very useful additions to a handful of baby monitors. Basically there is a very thin mat that you have to place under the baby’s mattress in the cot. That special sensor mat is connected to the main baby monitor unit, the one that actually does the work. This mat then monitors even the slightest of movements and as long as it detects movement all the time it stays quiet. It is programmed to alert you if it doesn’t detect anything for a set number of seconds.

These sensors are so sensitive that they will pick up a newborn baby’s heartbeat, and breathing even through a thick baby mattress. On some of them the sensitivity is adjustable too.

False alarms are occasionally happen with these monitors. Let me explain. False alarms are not really false alarms with these mats. Sometimes they are triggered when the baby moves off of the sensor mat and moves into the corner of the cot. Naturally the sensor detects no movement and will go off and alert you. For some this is a nuisance but for most it is proof that the sensor mat works as it was triggered by no movement.

The most well known manufacturer of these types of movement sensors is Angelcare and we have reviewed some of their best products. You can read the individual reviews by clicking on the link toward to top of this page.