Motorola Mbp36 Digital Video Baby Monitor ReviewRating: ★★★★½

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Motorola Baby Monitor

A Motorola baby monitor is the one of the most innovative baby monitors available in the global market today.  Being made by one of the most well known companies when it comes to technology and communication you can be certain that a baby monitor from this company is definitely “top notch”.  Motorola is considered the leader not only in giving absolute electronic solutions but also in innovative and breakthrough communications solutions. Motorola has taken their electronic expertise to the next level by invading the baby monitor industry. The new Motorola baby monitors are now available on the market and will definitely add perfection to your baby’s nursery or bedroom. Purchasing a Motorola baby monitor is safe and will give you peace of mind since Motorola always gives a high standard of quality and design to all of its products.

Benefits and Features of Motorola Baby Monitors

Naturally, parents want to have constant monitoring of their children, even if they are not in the same room. Motorola have a variety of baby monitors to include those that are compact and portable and can track the activities of your child, permitting you to hear your baby from several rooms away. Another great thing about the Motorola baby monitor is that a busy parent can monitor more than 3 hours without recharging the batteries because of its power saving mode feature. You will also be notified to recharge the monitors because they have a low battery indicator.

Motorola video baby monitorThis technologically advanced Motorola Baby Monitor is the Motorola Mbp36 and is considered as one of the latest in video monitoring technology on the market. It’s equipped with a 2.4 inch LCD colour screen and a high sensitivity microphone; therefore you’ll be able to hear each sound that your baby makes. It comes with infrared night vision that increases the view quality and contains certain controls for adjusting the contrast and brightness of the monitor. It has a portable parent unit, out of range indicator, privacy feature, volume control, sound alert system and timer function. There are also built-in lullabies which you can turn on remotely if you cannot get to your baby’s room right away. It also has two-way communication which allows you to hear your baby, and he in turn can hear your voice. Apart from those features above, you can also monitor the temperature of the baby’s room. The room temperature is displayed on the screen.

You can then monitor your baby’s activities and have fun with him wherever you are around the house.  A baby monitor will definitely give you peace of mind. There are a range of brands and models available anywhere but absolutely the Motorola brand is distinct and unique in the market that will surely address your needs perfectly. Many reviewers testified that they indeed made the right choice purchasing a Motorola baby monitor.