Philips AVENT  DECT Baby Monitor SCD535 Review

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New technologies are developed to help parents give the best caring needs to their babies as well as to give peace of mind. One great choice of baby monitor for parents is the Philips AVENT SCD535 DECT Baby Monitor that is proven to be safe and easy to use.

After reading a huge number of consumer reviews for this product, we can say that this baby monitor from Philips AVENT is a good choice. To help you find out if this monitor is certainly a good buy, we have made our own review to give you an idea of the product’s description and features. Additionally, we also provided some of those various consumer reviews we found.

Philips AVENT SCD535 DECT Baby Monitor Description

Philips AVENT SCD535The Philips AVENT SCD535 baby monitor allows you to listen to every sound and movement of your baby day and night thanks to the crystal clear DECT technology. This technology allows you to keep an eye on your baby at all times plus it assures you that there will be no interruption experienced with other wireless devices in your home or within your apartment building. This baby monitor also allows you to determine a cry of hunger from a cry of sleepiness through the high level of sound quality to help you figure out what your child is trying to tell you.

The Philips AVENT SCD535 DECT Baby Monitor allows you to easily move around your baby’s room without disturbing his sleep. It also makes your baby to feel comfortable enough to have undisturbed sleep thanks to the gentle and reassuring night light. It also helps you maintain the baby’s room at an optimal temperature to help calm your baby through the use of the electronic thermometer that sends you the temperature of your baby’s room wherever you are in your home so you know when you need to alter the temperature for your baby’s comfort. You can also monitor the humidity level of the baby’s immediate environment to make sure that the climate is just right for your little ones.

Philips AVENT SCD535 DECT Baby Monitor Features

  • Allows you to move freely around the house while monitoring your baby due to the lightweight and portability of the cordless parent unit with belt clip.
  • Allows you to calm your baby through a sensor that helps you monitor the room temperature and humidity.
  • Helps you to calm baby with the five soothing lullabies that can be remotely switched on.
  • Allows you to monitor your baby at the range of up to 330m.
  • Operates for continuous usage with a rechargeable parent unit that last up to 24 hours.
  • Allows you to monitor the temperature, humidity level and understand your baby’s needs through a digital display on both the baby and parent units.
  • Assures zero interference or interruption from other devices thanks to DECT Technology.

Consumer Reviews for Philips AVENT SCD535

With a lot of reviews pertaining to how good this baby monitor is, this is absolutely a good choice if you are looking for a reliable baby monitor. Not only plain reviews but there are many five star reviews. Many of the reviews say things like;

  • “Extraordinary. Compact. Stylish. I love this product.”
  • “This monitor is useful and practical.”
  • “I liked it so much. I definitely recommend it.”
  • “Overall really good product.”

Philips AVENT SCD535 Temperature AlertOne reviewer said she purchased the product as a replacement of her BT digital baby monitor. She said that the quality of the sound from Philips is clearer than BT. She also likes the stylish design and the fact that the parent unit is compact so it is easy to carry and store in her pocket. She said that their house is not that big and the range of the monitor is good enough to provide perfect sound quality. She also liked the lullabies to soothe her baby, the handy talk back feature, nightlight feature, and the humidity level display feature.

She was impressed with the helpful alert function regarding the temperature level of her baby’s room. She also liked the fact that it comes with a handy travel bag which makes it easy to carry. She suggested that the user needs to learn the buttons on the baby unit especially at night because these buttons are not radiated. She added that it would be good to have an option to set the parent unit to be lit at night to have a clear look on the temperature being displayed.  With her few good suggestions, she still concluded that she would recommend the product to others.

Another lady said that she purchased the product for her son and she liked it so much. She also looked for other baby monitors for her second son but ended up purchasing another Philips AVENT SCD535 DECT Baby Monitor because she could not find other monitor that is as practical, stylish and durable as Philips. She said she would definitely recommend the product.

One reviewer said that the product is one of the smallest units they were searching for and are packed with great features that every parent would need. He was happy with his purchase because the price is very reasonable and the setting up of parent and baby unit was so fast and easy.


This baby monitor is stylish, has clear reception and has an excellent range. The price is also very affordable. It is one of those products that have a lot of good reviews from its customers.


While the product is of high quality unit, it has no repeat feature for the lullabies to extend its playing time and the buttons don’t light up at night but this does not affect the fact that this baby monitor works very well and is praised by many purchasers.


The Philips AVENT SCD535 DECT Baby Monitor offers better solutions for your baby caring needs. Combine the convenience and great features of this product, we highly recommend considering the purchase of this product.

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