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Angelcare Monitor

One of the world’s biggest and most reliable brand in Movement and Sound Baby Monitors is Angelcare. Since 1997, they have sold over 2 million baby monitors. As a parent, you will realize the importance of baby monitors and the safety and security they provide when you have a new angel at home. The Angelcare monitor products are made to enhance the lives of parents and to help them to have a little less stress to deal with. With monitors from Angelcare you can rest assured knowing that if your baby needs you, you will be alerted as soon as they do.

The Award-Winning Angelcare Baby Monitor

Angelcare AC1100 MonitorJunior Design Award proclaimed the distinctive 3-in-1 Angelcare Video, Movement & Sound Baby Monitor AC1100 as the Best Baby Monitor. This was actually the first award for the company’s baby monitors. It is also the no. 1 Movement Monitor and the 2nd bestselling Baby Monitor in the entire United Kingdom. They have an ample amount of retailers with this and their other products available for sale. Be confident with your purchase knowing that the their products are among the most technologically developed.

The amazing 3-in-1 Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor guards your baby when you are sleeping or busy with other things. This nifty device comes with a motion sensor and sound monitor which detects the movements, sounds and breathing of your baby. What is more amazing is that it includes an HD video showing your baby both day and night. That along with clear digital sound quality and a rechargeable mobile Parent Unit makes it a great buy. It will notify you with an alarm once the baby stops breathing or moving for 20 seconds. All in all, this fantastic item has all the features and functions every parent needs. Another great Angelcare baby monitor is the Angelcare AC300 Movement Monitor. Like the previous model it also watches over your baby when you are not around and can monitor the movements, sounds and breathing of your baby. An alarm is also triggered when your baby is still for 20 seconds. This monitor is good for travelling parents and parents who have more than one baby.

Features of Some Angelcare Monitors

• The SensorPad for sensing movement. This unique device monitors all your baby’s movements. This comes with a motion sensor that is placed under the baby’s mattress which is in continuous monitoring of the breathing of the baby. Basically, the alarm will sound once it detects no movement from your child for 20 seconds. One of its major features is that it has variable sensitivity settings.

• Audio ‘tic’ Feature. The sound feature “tic” gives you additional peace of mind because this feature assures that the monitor is still working even if the baby is soundly asleep.