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BT Baby Monitor

Our very own BT is an expert in telecommunication as well as baby monitors. The first baby monitor that they sold was the BT Plus Baby Monitor which was a huge success. It was later replaced with the BT 100 Baby Monitor which was an upgrade of the first model and became to be as successful if not even more so. They then went on to create the BT baby monitor 150 which has won a number of awards in its time and was the core reason BT became a reliable name consumers can trust where baby monitors are concerned. While many people think that baby monitors are not necessary they are very useful in more ways than one.

Top Reasons To Own A Baby Monitor

  • For peace of mind knowing your baby is safe and that you will be notified if they are not. When you have a monitor you can know what is taking place in your baby’s room when you cannot be physically there.
  • For getting good quality rest as a mom or dad. If you have a baby monitor, you don’t have to sleep in the same room with your child. This means that you will have a better quality of sleep though you will still need to wake up for middle of the night feedings.
  • It allows you to have space away from your baby. With a baby monitor you don’t have to be constantly watching over your baby and so you can choose a portable monitor so you can go outside and do some gardening or take a swim in your pool.

What Type of Baby Monitor to Choose

BT baby monitorThere are a number of different baby monitors you can choose from  but which to choose depends on what you are looking for and why you need it. Here is some guidance to help you choose;

If you are currently pregnant you may want to choose prenatal monitors which are also called dopplers. These help you to monitor your baby prior to birth and can be useful in detecting irregular heartbeat. If you have a newborn your primary objective for getting a monitor should be to ensure safety while they sleep. Some monitors can detect irregular breathing patterns as well as can detect movement and so if your baby is still for more than a couple seconds it will alert you. If you have multiple children then you may need a monitor with multiple units especially if you need to monitor different rooms. It may be ideal for you to get a video monitor in this case, you can find model that can monitor as much as four rooms at a time. If you want a baby monitor that is great according to many consumers is the BT baby monitor 250. This BT baby monitor was voted the best baby monitor for the year 2011 to 2012 by the Mother and Baby Awards. Read our BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier review