Angelcare vs Tommee Tippee Sensor Mat

Two of the very best movement sensors currently on the market are the Angelcare AC401 baby monitor and the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Sensor Mat Monitor. Consumers who own either of these all say the one they own is the best but for those who will be purchasing for the first time the question that most are asking is which provides better value for money.

Angelcare Monitor with Movements SensorThe Angelcare monitor is more expensive than the Tommee Tippee monitor leaving people wondering what the price difference is for. Let’s do a comparison of the features to help you determine the difference between both to determine which would provide you with better value for money.

First off the Angelcare monitor has richer feature list than the Tommee Tippee monitor. One of the differences that first catches the eye is that the Angelcare monitor is an analogue monitor while the Tommee Tippee is a digital monitor. Both monitors allow the parent to adjust the level of sensitivity of the sensor mat but only the Tommee Tippee allows you to move the sensor pads on the mat to where it is most suitable for your child. This means that with the Tommee Tippee monitor you can customize it to the size of your child as well as to their sleeping habits or patterns. So if you have a baby that stays in the same spot the entire time you can move the sensor pads close together but if you have a little wiggler, roller and mover you can move the pads further apart so that you can have a larger surface area available to sense if your baby has stopped moving.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Sensor Mat MonitorOne thing that you may come upon as you search for this topic is persons saying that the Angelcare monitor is a bit technical. One of the reasons for this is that with the Angelcare monitor you will have to manually select a frequency because it uses analogue technology whereas with the DECT technology used by the Tommee Tippee monitor your best channel is automatically selected and it even changes the channel as necessary as you move through the house. The Angelcare monitor also as more features than the Tommee Tippee which may be overwhelming for some new parents who now have to figure out how to care for a baby, how to figure out how to do so many tasks related to the baby and still find time for rest added to having to figure out how to use all the features of a baby monitor.

As we mentioned in the beginning – both of these baby monitors are the best you will find of their kind. Though there is a price difference you can still buy the more affordable one and not lose any major advantage for monitoring your baby. You will find great peace of mind in the Tommee Tippee baby monitor if you cannot afford the Angelcare version and as a matter of fact many owners prefer the Tommee Tippee simply because it uses DECT technology which is more secure than analogue technology in terms of interference.