Smartphones such as the iPhone as well as other Android Smart Phones are quite popular with both the younger and the older generation these days. It is because these phones have a huge capability and allow their users to have control over almost everything in their lives right from the phone. Now parents of young children have the ability to monitor their babies right form the screen of their smart phone. Not all baby monitors are compatible though and as such we had to find out which were so we could pass on the information to you. As is usual we did extensive research to find the best baby monitor for iPhone.  Here is some of what we found.


Withings Smart Baby Monitor for Iphone-IpadFirst there is the Withings Smart Baby Monitor. Not only is this a baby monitor for iPhone but it is also an iPad baby monitor as well and is also compatible with the iPod touch too. This means that you no longer have to walk around with the parent unit which has a range limitation as well as have battery power limitations.

With this you can monitor your baby from anywhere within your service providers range. Just think how great this will be for when you go back to work or even when you have to take a business trip away from your little one.

All you need to do to use this baby monitor on your smart phone is to download the free app “WithBaby”. Then you will be able to see your baby’s every activity on your smartphone or iPad. With features such as zoom, pan and tilt and the high resolution video you will really love this app.

But it gets even better, not only can you see your baby but you can also hear them as well. You can also talk back to them and even turn on their nightlight even from another country! This baby monitor can truly give you the peace of mind you have always dreamed of.


Tenvis professional indoor camera for android-iphonsNext on the list is not exactly a baby monitor but that is one of the many specified uses according to the manufacturer. It also comes a lot cheaper then the previous Iphone baby monitor. The Tenvis Professional Indoor CCTV IP Camera is just what its name suggests – a CCTV Camera. But this camera can also double as a baby monitor and gives you the opportunity to be able to watch your baby from anywhere with the use of your smartphone.

This little camera even has night vision so you can see your baby sleep peacefully even miles away. It has a motion detection alarm and can even notify you via email. You can use it to record video which you can later watch from your smartphone when you are outside your coverage area and cannot watch your child live. It supports a wide variety of web browsers for your convenience to include Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. It is easy to install and if you need help you can find all you need in the manual.

These are both ideal choices if you are looking for a baby monitor for iPhone or other android smartphones so you can stay in touch with your baby even when not in the same physical location.