All parents want a baby monitor to put their mind at rest and deaf parents are no different. They too want to ensure that their babies are alright when they are not close and so the average baby monitor will not work for them in most cases We embarked on a search to find the best baby monitors for deaf parents.

Our search took us all over the internet to manufacturer websites, retailer’s websites, forums and communities for people with hearing impairments where we found deaf parents giving and seeking advice on this very important topic. Our research has helped us to come up with some of the best baby monitors for deaf parents and we will tell you which features make these baby monitors the best.

When one is looking for baby monitors for deaf parents it is essential to choose monitors that either have vibrating and/or light alert when the baby is in distress. Obviously night time can be a big concern which is why a vibrating parent unit attached to the parent will make sure the mother or father is awake as soon as possible to check on the baby.

When reading recommendations from experienced parents many recommended a certain Graco product with vibrating alert function which now has been discontinued. They talked about how useful it is to have a vibrating alert option which many normal baby monitor doesn’t have. Some parents recommended video monitors with vibrating parent unit. With a monitor like this you can see your baby on the video during the day and can feel the vibrating parent unit when you are sleeping at night.


Here is a short list of highly rated baby monitors for deaf parents which have these useful features:


BT two in one baby monitor and pacifierBT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier – this is a very popular and highly rated baby monitor with lots of really useful feature. For deaf and hearing impaired parents it is essential to know that these monitors have flashing lights and vibration alert on their parent unit. This is a very popular product amongst all parents and has been rated very highly for all its features and it is certainly great value for money.




Tomy TD350Tomy Digital Plus Monitor TD350Digital Baby Monitor – This is a similar unit to the one above with vibration alert as well as flashing light. The interesting thing about this is that the flashing light goes from green to red as the baby’s cry gets louder which can be a good indication as to how distressed the baby is. Tomy is a very well known brand when it comes to baby monitors and the company has stated many times that their monitors are designed by mums/parents so it is certainly worth taking a look.




Bt 1000 Digital Video Baby MonitorBT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 – This is probably the most useful baby monitor a deaf or hearing impaired parent can have because this has video as well as vibrating alert features. Having the video feature makes this unit more expensive than the first two in our list, but it may just give you that extra reassurance you are after. Another very useful features is the night vision screen which comes on automatically when it gets dark, so you can clearly see your baby even if he/she is asleep in the dark room.


Deaf parents can benefit from baby monitors with these features because they provide them with the sensory stimuli needed to be aware of the times when their babies need them. Vibration and flashing lights are suitable for night time as these will arouse you from your sleep and let you know that your baby needs you.

If you have a video baby monitor you can then check the video to see if the baby really needs you or not. A vibrating parent unit with clip on features can allow you to do your house chores or even chores for the outdoors knowing that you will still be able to respond to your babies cries.

When looking for the best baby monitors for deaf parents these features should be high on your priority list as without them you might not be able to adequately monitor your baby when you are not close enough to see them. Whichever product you actually go for we suggest you do it as soon as you can, before the baby comes, so you have some time to test it out yourself as some product works for some while it doesn’t work as good for others.


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