We have searched through over 20 long distance baby monitors manufacturer’s descriptions and read over 100 real consumer reviews and feedback to find definite evidence as to which baby monitor offers the longest range. We set out to find long range baby monitor devices that have a good number of positive reviews from real consumers, are affordable and come from a well-known and reliable company.

Before purchasing a baby monitor one specific feature that parents will want to look for is to determine the range of the monitor. The range of the monitor is very important, because that tells you how far you can walk away from the main unit with your parent unit and still be able to pick up any noise your baby makes. Obviously baby monitor needs to have enough range to cover the entire home, so the larger the house and the garden the longer the range that is needed.

During our research we came across 3 long range baby monitor products with good potential:

Switel BCC50 2Km Audio Long Range Baby MonitorRange: 2kmSwitel BCC50 2Km Audio Baby Monitor – If having a long range is The most important feature for you than you might want to take a closer look at this monitor. It works much like a walkie talkie hence they can achieve a massive range of upto 2km. We could not find any consumer reviews for this particular product but the range is just so massive we had to include it in our list.



Philips AVENT SCD525 DECT Eco Baby MonitorRange: 330mPhilips AVENT SCD525/00 DECT Eco Baby Monitor – This is a more advanced monitor with all kinds of useful features. It has received many 4 and 5 star reviews from new parents and it comes from a very well respected company. This product has received various awards for this product so it is definitely worth taking a look.



Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Long Range Baby MonitorRange: 300mTomy TDV450 Digital Video Long Range Baby Monitor – This Tomy unit could be ideal for parents who want to have an extra pair of eyes not just ears looking out for their baby, as it offers Infra-Red night vision with up to 300m range. Since being a video monitor this product has a higher price tag, but many people prefer to have a video view as well as sound of their precious baby.



Long range baby monitor items start offering range from 500 feet (150 meters) and can go all the way to 2000 feet (600 meters) whereas regular baby monitors have a range of 200 – 300 feet (60-90 meters). The range of your baby monitor is based on the frequency that it works on. With a wider range, the parent can go further within that specified range. In most instances the regular baby monitor will give parents peace of mind and a long enough range, but for those who live in large home with large gardens, or those who live in certain type of apartment complexes a long range baby monitor would definitely be more beneficial and safer option.

Long Distance Baby Monitor gives parents freedom to wander in a big house, garden or even to take a visit to the neighbors’ home. You can remove yourself from the confines of your home, do some gardening or just take in some fresh air. You will have an extra pair of ears and eyes with a longer range device (either audio or video) that helps you monitor your baby.

Upon doing our research we found that many times what you see in the product description is not exactly what you will get. Many descriptions of long range baby monitor products claim to have longer ranges than you will actually get from the device based on the type of property that you live in. For example people who live in an urban area in an apartment building with many buildings close by may have trouble when they go too far away from their long distance baby monitor unit.

They will find that though they are within range according to manufacturers’ specifications there may be too many things weakening the signal of the monitor for example if they take a walk down the corridor or go down a couple of stairs. We found monitors that advertised a range of 300 meters but that did not live up to that due to factors such as house and/or construction type as well as other factors. That is why looking into actual consumer reviews is always a good idea.