New Technology is making monitoring your baby a lot easier no matter what time or what are the circumstances. One such innovation is the night vision baby monitor which enables new parents to see their baby through a night vision screen even if it is pitch black in the room where the baby is sleeping.

In our search to bring consumer only the best and the most useable information to help them with their baby monitor purchase we have gone and done some more research. This time we were on the lookout for baby monitors that have the night vision feature and come highly recommended by real users. Our researcher took us to various websites where we read about different types of baby monitors with this feature and went on to compare them by using both the manufacturer specifications and description as well as by using customer reviews.

We know that many times what the manufacturer states is not entirely true and so we can never leave out the reviews. Our research to find the best night vision baby monitor yielded us with a number of contenders. One that we just had to make detailed mention about was the Summer Infant Touch Digital Monitor.

Summer Infant Night Vision Baby MonitorSummer Infant Touch Digital Night Vision Baby Monitor – Now this night vision baby monitor caught our eye and was singled out mainly due to the fact that it had such a large amount of consumer reviews which were for the majority four and five star reviews.

This was not only evident on one website but on a number of other retail websites that allow customers to review products they have purchased as well.  It is not only highly acclaimed due to its night vision feature but has a number of other highly impressive features as well. These include but are not limited to;

  • Touch screen – it is the first model in the world to have this feature
  • Colour video monitor
  • 9 cm LCD screen
  • Zoom, pan, tilt, scan video capabilities
  • Recharging base with magnets
  • Can be used with three additional cameras for multiple room monitoring
  • Wireless camera pack
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Battery life of 10 hours
  • Picture snapshot
  • Two way talk back and much more

This baby monitor really has it all when you talk about a high tech piece of baby monitoring equipment but the night vision is what we are most impressed with. Click here to read our detailed review of the Summer Inant Touch Monitor.

Most parents these days go through that crying out phase when their baby gets to the age they are supposed to start sleeping through the night but fail to do so. This phase can be very stressful for both mother and baby and so there are monitors that allow you to talk back to your baby, to reassure them. But how can you reassure yourself to know that your baby is just being whiny and doesn’t want to go to sleep or that there is indeed something wrong with them? With a baby monitor like this that has night vision capabilities.

With this baby monitor you can see exactly what your baby is doing so there is no need to enter the room and upset her even more just to tell her to go back to sleep and leave. With this monitor you can clearly see your baby with the lights off and will be able to have more peace of mind being able to tell that your baby is in no danger and such can be left to cry or fuss.

With your purchase of the Summer Infant Touch Digital Night Vision Baby Monitor you will receive the monitor, the base and a battery pack.


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