Summer Infant Touch Digital Video Baby Monitor ReviewRating: ★★★★½

Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor ReviewRating: ★★★★☆


Summer Infant Baby Monitor Company Introductions

Summer Infant Brand LogoThe Summer Infant Company was founded in 1985 when William Lockett the 3rd saw the need for there to be a safe place for his daughter Summer when he could not have her safely in his hands. And so the Bouncy Seat was engineered and the company was born and named after his dear daughter. It was family owned until around 2001 when it was purchased by a father of four young children – Jason Macari.

They have moved away from producing only bouncy seats then. Over the years they have realized the importance of continuously providing innovative products that will help parents care for their children in the most effective and the safest way. The manufacture and sell products that ease the stress of parented hood while aiding in the boosting the bonding process. They now make a variety of products to include baby monitors and when it comes to those they carry quite the line.

Over the years Summer Infant has worked long and hard to create safe and innovative baby monitors and they have definitely succeeded at this as they have won a number of prizes for their items ingenuity, integrity and of course safety. Not only that but all their products are backed by leading paediatricians so parents have a professional opinion to count on as well.

Baby monitors from Summer Infant that have won awards include the Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor which won received four different awards including 1st place in the SheKnows Awards for video monitors. The Bestview Handheld Color Video Monitor won two awards including the “Best Products of 2009” Award. Other winning monitors from Summer Infant include the Day&Night Flat Screen Video Monitor, Day&Night Handheld Color Video Monitor, Deluxe Day&Night Handheld Color Video Monitor and the Slim&Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor in Silver.