Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor Review

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With the latest technology today, parents now have the privilege to watch their baby both day and night even if they are not physically present beside them. These technologies help new parents to monitor their baby’s activities whenever the baby is crying or sleeping soundly. For parents searching for a stylish baby monitor, there’s the Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor to keep an eye on their little ones. This baby monitor is a good choice if you are looking for reassurance and peace of mind day or night. We decided to do our regular research on this baby monitor to help you decide if this one is certainly the best for you. With its numerous reviews online, we have come up with our own review to reflect the product description, its features and customer reviews.

Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor Description

Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video MonitorThe Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor has a stylish design that lets parents watch their baby as necessary. It is small and relatively light in weight that makes it easy for parents to view their baby even when they are highly mobile in the home doing various household tasks.

If you decide to buy the Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor, you will receive a box that contains a parent unit, a camera and two adapters.

Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor Features

  • Allows parents to automatically switch to black and white night vision.
  • Has a stylish digital 6.4cm color video tilt display.
  • Allows the parents to have an ultimate clear view of their baby through 2.4GHz Digital technology.
  • Operates auto scan feature that scans different rooms if used together with an additional camera.
  • Rechargeable batteries operate for up to 10 hours including the 2 AC adaptors.
  • Allows parents to adjust the volume of visual sound lights on parent unit.

Consumer Reviews for Summer Infant Slim & Secure

For parents on the lookout for a video monitor that gives them good value for money, this product is definitely a great choice. Most of the reviewers gave this baby monitor high-ratings and positive feedbacks. Most of the customer’s feedbacks are;

  • “The product has an excellent picture quality, easy to use and compact.”
  • “I am so glad we bought this monitor.”
  • “I would definitely recommend this monitor.”
  • “This is probably the best baby monitor I have ever bought.”
  • “I love it so much that I bought another one for my other baby.”

Summer Infant Slim & Secure with MomOne reviewer said that he bought the analogue summer day and night monitor first but returned it because of its small screen and numerous amount of interference. When he had this Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor as the replacement, he was impressed how compact and secure the monitor is. He also added that the sound and picture quality was excellent even in a dim room and placed next to some devices.

He said that it is very easy to set up and convenient to use enough to go for evenings out or overnight stays with friends. He also added that the battery life lasted longer than the 10 hours estimated battery life. He said that the after sales department from Summer UK was very accommodating and helpful that is why he is planning to buy additional cameras from them to be placed in the playroom of his new baby.

One lady said that the baby monitor is a life saver. She said she can do her daily tasks confident enough that the baby is safe. She added that the product has been very helpful to her to keep an eye on her baby while he is sleeping and there is no longer a need for her to keep going up and down the stairs just to check on her son. She was impressed with the very clear screen and its night vision feature. She also added that there is no interference and the product picks up the noise and sound from her baby very clearly. She notes that the screen goes blank after minutes of usage and she thought that maybe it is a way to save battery life. She also suggested that you need to plug in the receiver first before the user can use it and that is the exact instructions on the box.

Another reviewer said that the product is excellent. She was amazed at the quality of the picture both during the day and in the night. She also added that when the room is in complete darkness, the night vision automatically kicks in. She said that the monitor is easily plugged into the wall and the range was huge enough to monitor her twins. She even said that she should have purchased it a long time ago and concluded that the battery lasted for a long period of time.

One lady said that she purchased the product as her third monitor. She first started buying the monitor with audio only then analogue video and then this digital video monitor. She said she will not hesitate recommending it to anyone. She was impressed with the quality of the video where she could see all the activities of her baby. She also said that it does not interfere with her Wi-Fi connection. She added that this monitor is definitely worth it to buy. She suggested that this monitor is very helpful for mothers like her who have children 3 years old and up.


This digital video monitor is stylish and has a good picture and sound quality. It’s slim and lightweight and allows users to monitor the baby with utmost convenience.  It is one of the video monitors that have a good reputation and high ratings from its customers.


While the monitor has excellent picture and audio quality, some customers say that there are couple of key features that are missing like specifically the functionality of the alert system of the receiver. However, such reviewer concluded that the product is overall good and his mind is at peace.


The Summer Infant Slim & Secure Digital Video Monitor is indeed one of the best baby monitors for sale. With a lot of five star ratings, and satisfied customers, we recommend the purchase of this stylish digital video monitor.

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