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Tomy Baby Monitor

Tomy TD300 Digital baby monitorThe Tomy Baby Monitor Company or Tomy Co, Ltd. was created out of the Merger of Tomy and Takara Companies. The merged company’s headquarters are in Katsushika Tokyo and the UK Company is called Tomy while the Tokyo Company is called Takara Tomy. After starting their entrance into the international market they went first to the United States. It was upon the realization of Peter Brown (a UK national working in the Toy industry in the USA at the time) of the potential of the company in the United Kingdom.  It was Mr. Brown who wrote to the Tomy Company and suggested to them to open operations in the UK. This letter came about the same time when the company was thinking of expanding to the UK and so they decided to do just that and had Mr. Brown spearhead the operation in 1983. Mr. Brown was given the authority by the Tokyo management of the company to do whatever he thought would be best for the company’s success in the UK market.

Since then the Tomy Company has created a lot of brand recognition not only in the UK but also in the international market. It has been over 80 years since this company has been creating items for baby’s, Kids and Parents all around the world. Now the name Tomy is synonymous with value, quality and innovation to a large number of people whether you are seeking a nursery essential or a toy.

High Quality Baby Monitor from Tomy

One of Tomy’s very successful model is the Tomy TD350 Digital Plus Baby Monitor which we have reviewed extensively on our website. This product received a good number of positive reviews however we found that there are quite a number of users who complain about the parent unit not fitting the Docking Stating property.

The Tomy Classic Monitor TA100 is an analogue monitor that is very easy to use. It allows parents the ability to listen to their baby from other parts of the house. It is very nicely designed and as such it can fit in with your nursery theme whatever it is. It is not only a baby monitor but also serves as a night light as well. With an ultra clear speaker on the parent unit and a sound level light indicator you can tell if there is noise in your baby’s room even if your speakers are off. With a belt clip you can carry the parent unit all around the house as long as you are within range of the device. It requires only 3 AAA batteries to allow for the portability function and will alarm when the batteries or dying or when you have gone beyond the reach of the signal so you know you can feel safe as long as you hear no sounds coming from the monitor. The range for this baby monitor is 300 metres under optimum conditions. Remember that there are items in your home that may interfere with the signals of your baby monitor and so the out of range alarm may go off when  you are not out of range but instead when you are using some other device that is blogging the baby monitor’s signal. This particular Tomy Baby Monitor comes with a two year guarantee but this is not the only one you can choose as there is an extensive line available from Tomy and their retailers.