Tomy TD300 Digital Baby Monitor

This model, the Tomy TD300 Digital baby monitor is advertised by the manufacturer to provide crystal clear sound that is 100% interference free. With 120 channels and a 350 metre range this baby monitor can give you a lot of peace of mind while not deterring you from doing whatever needs to be done whether in the home, garden or backyard. With features such as two way talk back the units can be used as walkie talkies and for soothing restless baby when all they need is some reassurance. For more features of this model continue reading.

Tomy TD300 Monitor Description

Tomy TD300 Digital baby monitorThe Tomy  TD300 digital monitor, with its DECT technology provides crystal clear audio qualities with no interference as long as you are within 350 metres of the other unit. It has features such as a nightlight that can be controlled from the parent unit and a talk back feature so you can comfort baby without entering the room. This is great for teaching baby to sleep through the night a couple of months down the road.  There is also a sound level indicator as well as a temperature indicator and a sound activation mode when the baby gets older and you no longer need to listen out so keenly. The parent unit is rechargeable and a belt clip is added to afford the user ultimate portability and hands free comfort. The parent unit can be found if misplaced thanks to the pager feature that is found on the baby monitor. There is a low battery alarm as well as an out of range indicator so that you can always use the device with the assurance it is working fine. This Tomy unit also has a low battery alarm, leaving you without worries when checking in on your little one.

When your purchase the Tomy TD300 digital baby monitor you get the parent unit and the monitor.

Tomy TD300 Baby Monitor Features

  • DECT technology
  • 350 metre range
  • Out of range indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Displays room temperature
  • RC soft glow night light
  • Two way talk back
  • Pager feature
  • Two year manufacturers guarantee

Consumer Reviews for the Tomy TD300 Monitor

When purchasing a baby monitor, you want to ensure that you purchase the best product so that you don’t end up with frustration. In such a case it will be useful to read a couple reviews, before you get into those, here are some outtakes of actual reviews so you can see what reviewers are saying about this particular baby monitor.

  • “It is a great baby monitor…”
  • “The sound is really good and very clear”
  • “I would definitely recommend it”
  • “Providing it works, the TD300 itself is an alright monitor for the price…”

One reviewer states that they purchased the Tomy TD300 baby monitoras a replacement. Their review was short with them ending saying that it is a great baby monitor.

Another reviewer first commented on the clarity of the sound and the fact that you could even mute the device but still be able to know when your baby is crying thanks to the sound light indicator. She says this features is used quite often in their home. They note that they absolutely love the temperature setting as it allows them when outside to tell if the baby’s room is too hot especially during the spring when the temperature can change so quickly and without warning. She states she would definitely recommend it though it needs a couple of improvements such as the sound level could be a little higher at max volume, also would prefer if the parent unit could use rechargeable batteries. They hence didn’t give it a full five stars but agree that it is a good product.

One consumer said they only had the unit for three days before they were completely upset with its performance. They note that it just wouldn’t work no matter how they charged the parent unit it would die in the nights even while it was plugged in. they say the batteries only last them around 10 minutes before they die and plugging in the monitor works sometimes and doesn’t work other times. They felt that this monitor is a shame to the Tomy name and state they had purchased it because they had a Tomy brand monitor previously.  They went on to replace this model with another model also from Tomy and found that it worked excellent.

One reviewer who purchased this for her granddaughter states that it works very well and has proven to be very reliable. They say they have not had any trouble with interference and state that they have not used batteries but the monitor provided them with good value for money.

One other reviewer states that he monitor does everything they said it would and they are pleased with both its performance and its price. They say they love the fact that there is no cradle for the parent unit and so it can be plugged in anywhere you can find an outlet without having to walk around with a cradle.


The Tomy TD300 digital baby monitor provides users with a lot of technologically advanced features. It is highly useful for monitoring your baby on a number of levels to include sound and temperature. Reviews show that customers are generally happy for the most part with this product.


A number of reviewers noted a problem with the parent unit dying even when plugged into an outlet. This is indeed something to be worried about as your unit may die in the night and your baby may be in distress and you don’t know it. If you come upon a unit such as this you should have it returned for a replacement right away.


This baby monitor has its fair share of good and bad comments. But one thing that is sure is that reviewers are saying that it works well when it works. In the light of the bad comments we would suggest for you to find a more reliable product via our main page.

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