Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Monitor Review

Check Price ButtonThe Tomy TDV450 Video Monitorhas some great features that are delightful to moms and caregivers. It takes creative thinking to another level according to the manufacturer with great features such as the 300m range and the out of range.  So let’s read below to get a full understanding of this innovatively created baby monitor.

Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Monitor Description

Tomy Digital Video Plus Monitor TDV450These baby monitors are getting 4 and 5 star ratings from moms who find the night light and the out of range alarm features installed in this product to be invaluable and very useful. The creators of this product stated that this baby monitor with its ability to allow parents to “hear” the baby even when the volume is off is one of the best baby monitor in today’s market place.

The 9cm colour display monitor equipped with infra red night vision technology gives an extra comfort to parents as it allows them to see their babies clearly in the dark. The multicoloured night light installed in the Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Monitor can be used for multiple purposes. This night light can be customized to your liking for your baby’s nursery and it can also be used without the monitor as a standalone nightlight. The multicoloured lights calm babies and let parents check on their babies without turning on the room’s main light.

This neatly designed baby monitor has a two ways talk back feature that enables parents to calm babies even when they are not in the same room.

Other mentionable features of the Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Monitor are the remote zooming and picture capture abilities.  Zooming gives close up views of your baby and enables you to take snapshots. The TDV450 video monitor can take up to 100 pictures which than can be viewed on the screen of the parent unit as slideshow or individual images. A pager is provided to make locating the parent unit easy it is ever misplaced. Another great feature is the sound level light display which alert parents to their babies needs even when the volume is off. The Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Monitor also has a timer installed which can become a very valuable asset to parents, as this helps to keep track of time in between feedings, sleep and medications.

Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Monitor Features

  • Extra Large 9cm (3.5″) Colour Display with Infra-Red night vision monitor
  • Easy To Use Menu and Controls
  • 300M Range
  • Remote-Controlled Digital Zoom
  •  A pager
  • Sound Level Display Light
  • Timer
  • Snapshot Feature To Take, Store And View Up To 100 Colour Pictures
  • Remote Controlled Multicoloured Nightlight
  • 2-way talk back
  • Slideshow Home Screen From Pictures Taken
  • Small  Lightweight Design

Customer Reviews for Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Monitor

Want to hear what actual users who have tested this product are saying about it? Lets see a few snippets before we get into the detailed reviews.

  • “…Five Stars AMAZING product!!!!
  • “Five Stars FABULOUS product!!”
  • “I would highly recommend this product to anyone!”
  • “the voice recognition and monitor alert works perfectly”

One person who reviewed the Tomy TDV450 says the range is excellent. She says they live in a three story Victorian terrace and the product works in every single room. The battery life is WAY better than their last monitor. This happy buyer continues to state that she sleeps with the Tomy Baby Monitor with the volume off. When her baby wakes up, she can just look at the screen to see if the baby really needs her or not. Having this monitor has given her the confidence to leave him for a few minutes to see if he resettles himself she explains. She gave the product a 5 star rating.

Tomy TDV450 Night lightsAnother person gave the product 5 stars and said the device was awesome. The range of the signal was good, the battery gave long service and the clear screen displays the temperature accurately.

Another happy consumer reports how this product is everything she wanted from a baby monitor and gave the product 5 stars. She stated that the navigation around the parent unit was very easy, she explained how she usually gives these sort of things to her husband but this time she was able to set the monitor up and figure out the navigation all by herself within a few short seconds. She stated further that her babies’ room is pitch black at nights and she is able to see them quite clearly when they are moving around.

A very different kind of reviewer wrote he would not hesitate to recommend this monitor. After having spent the morning going over the manufactures description and other purchaser’s reviews of baby monitors, he decided to purchase the Tomy TDV450 Digital Video Monitor for his mother in law who lives with them on the ground floor and suffers from dementia and had a broken hip. We had started off with an audio monitor, but after 4 weeks of getting out of bed at her every sound they decided to finally buy a video monitor. What made this unit stand out from the others is its nightlight function which is switchable from the parent unit. The Tomy TDV450 is well worth the money, if you have an elderly or infirm person in your care they reported.

Yet another mom gave this product a 5 star rating. She explains that it is very simple to work with and the wireless system works perfectly. This is the perfect device for those who have small kids she noted towards the end of her short review.


This creative baby monitor has sound activation light, night light and night vision capabilities as well as a removable remote control parent unit. All these and of course other great features make this monitor a very smart buy.


Out of all the reviews there were a couple of users who complained about the night light vision quality not being as clear as they wanted it. The majority of users stated that the quality is more then enough to see if the baby is in distress or not or not in the dark.


The reviews read on this product shows that mother and caregivers would be making a great choice by purchasing this baby monitor. It offers flexibly with safety and many innovative features allowing you to communicate see and hear your baby whenever you want to.

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