Taking care of one baby is a lot of work and so we can imagine that taking care of multiples is a whole lot harder. When it comes to monitoring this is of utmost importance when you have twins whereas someone with a single baby may be able to live without a baby monitor for parents of twins this is a must have item. Twins can have different routines and schedules and so one may be bright eyed and awake while the other one is taking a nap.

For this reason alone you need to have a baby monitor so you can help them to both keep their routines without disturbing each other. And so we decide we should look for the best baby monitors for twins so that all parents of twins can have peace of mind and can be less stressed. We of course did our research thoroughly through listening to advice from parents of twins as well as by visiting various websites that provide information on baby monitors.

One point that was raised by one mother who posted on a forum was that there is no need for a special type of baby monitor really. She said with one good baby monitor one could easily monitor twins by placing the baby monitor in a position between both cots. This is a great idea for those who are strapped for cash or who may already own a regular baby monitor from a previous pregnancy. You just have to make sure that you set the sensitivity to the maximum so that it picks up even the smallest noises from both cots.

BT two in one baby monitor and pacifierIf you need to purchase one though you could always check out the BT Two-in-One Baby monitor which is a baby monitor as well as a pacifier. This baby monitor is your average baby monitor but it also features a pacifier and nightlight that can soothe your baby. It has a number of very useful features other than that such as a temperature monitor and the ability to set the temperature form the parent unit among others.

Just remember the advice of a mom to place this baby monitor between the cots of your twins. This or any other of the regular baby monitors on the market will do for baby monitors for twins.

If you don’t want an average monitor and instead want something where you can keep an eye on both babies at the same time then you might want to consider a video baby monitor with 2 cameras like the Motorola MBP30.

Motorola MBP30 video baby monitor for twinsThe Motorola MBP30 is a great double action video baby monitor that has a 2.4 inch LCD screen and also features infrared night vision. It comes with 2 camera units, one for each baby. The parent unit has a belt clip so that you can easily move around with it attached to you so that you can monitor your babies by video from anywhere in your home. The baby monitor also has a long range which is suitable for going outside or if you have an attic or basement where you may need to do some work while the babies sleep or play.

Both of the above mentioned monitors are ideal baby monitors for twins but we would advice you to purchase a unit you like as soon as you can, before the babies come in order to experiment with it to see if it can work for you.



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