Motorola Mbp36 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

The Motorola MBP36 is one of the digital baby monitors that are contending to be the best baby monitor for sale in the UK. It allows you not only to hear your baby but also to see your baby. This is great for new parents who have not yet learned to discern their baby’s cry. With just a quick look you can tell if your baby has wiggled into a corner and can’t get out or you can see if they are just on the verge of going back to sleep or waking fully up.

Motorola Mbp36 Digital Video Baby Monitor Description

best baby monitor from MotorolaNow you can truly know your baby is ok as you not only have the sound of their voice as a clue but you also have a clear picture of them on a Colour LCD screen of 3.5 inches in size. The baby monitor also features night vision with the help of infrared light and a microphone that is highly sensitive. This device allows you to fulfil your responsibilities around the house while having the parent unit attached to you with a belt clip and range of up to 200 meters so that you are never too far away. If you happen to go outside of that range you will be notified with an out of range indicator beep.  It plays five lullabies for baby and features a monitor for the room temperature and the ability to tilt, zoon or pan the video footage that you can see from the parent unit. It uses both AC power and rechargeable batters and has ECO mode so that you can save money while having the peace of mind that your child is adequately monitored.

With your purchase of the Motorola MBP36 you get the parent unit, baby unit, one power adapter, two rechargeable batteries and the user guide/manual.

Motorola Mbp36 Digital Video Baby Monitor Features

  • 3.5” LCD screen
  • Range of up to 200 meters
  • Indicates when out of range
  • 2.4GhZ wireless
  • Talk back
  • Room temperature indicator
  • Microphone with high sensitivity
  • Zoom, tilt and pan option
  • Five lullabies
  • Screen has a 24  fps rate
  • Night vision via infrared
  • Alerts noise level via five LED settings

Customer Reviews for Motorola Mbp36 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36 baby monitor reviews are the best tools to use for deciding if this baby monitor is in fact right for you and your precious little one or to find out if it will make the perfect gift. Here is a short list of just some of the things that actual reviewers are saying about the product.

  • “This monitor is perfect! It does everything you need.”
  • “Night vision is spot on…”
  • “Excellent product.”

A number of reviewers ended purchasing the Motorola MBP36 after having problems with another brand. All of these buyers were overall pleased with their purchase and glad they got the chance to purchase the product. One mother commented on the clarity that the Motorola monitor has to offer and love the fact that they can move the camera around remotely. They love that there are no interference problems with the monitor even when on different floors. They admit that the talk back startled the baby and find that their baby doesn’t respond well to the included lullabies but that did not stop them from giving it a five star rating. They ended their review by saying that this is the right baby monitor for anyone that is looking for a video monitor that provides excellent picture quality and reception.

Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor FeaturesThe other reviewer who states that they also purchased this after purchasing another brand and being unsatisfied said that they love the video quality. She also mentioned that her husband went on the roof of the three story building they were at and they were still able to get a good and clear reception. They love the way you can move the camera around with the use of the parent unit as this means that even a moving baby will still be able to be seen. They ended by saying that this is a great brand that has made another great product and they lauded the company saying they did a fantastic job.

One reviewer described the monitor as being perfect and said that it does everything they need. They love the large display screen and the fact that the camera can be moved. They mention that this is especially important as their son moves a lot. They also made good use of the talk back feature and says their son listens to the lullabies in the morning when he wakes up and so they can stay a little longer in bed so that is definitely a plus. They say they have no complaints with the Motorola MBP36 and can highly recommend it.

One couple purchased this after their older model broke and since they had a baby due they needed a good replacement. Their first monitor had the breathing monitor and so they didn’t really want to go for a model that didn’t have that feature but now they are not sorry they chose this. Though the baby wasn’t there yet at the time they wrote the review they say they tried it out and feel like with this they will be able to place the baby to sleep in its own room more comfortable. They spoke about the amazing picture quality, the brilliant sound quality and the ability of the camera to pan and zoom meaning they could always find the baby in the event that they move. They state that they have tried it with WIFI in the same room and it does seem to work just fine. The bottom line is that they recommend the product for those who are looking for a monitor that has exceptional quality and is reliable.


The Motorola MBP36 has a video monitor as well as a camera that has the option to pan, tilt and zoom from a remote location. These features are among the best and the top features that make this item so well loved.


Of all the reviews read, no one had anything negative to say so it does appear as if this is definitely the “best baby monitor”.


This baby monitor is a good buy and the many Motorola MBP36 reviews that can be found online support that. You can purchase this item with confidence!




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