Summer Infant Touch Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

The Infant Touch Digital Video Baby Monitor is a multifunctional device designed with state of the art technology. Its easy to use touch screen and the multiple camera control and scanning abilities makes it a must buy for many new mums. It is the first ever touch screen digital video baby monitor and has many great features. Continue reading to learn more about this innovative and forward thinking baby monitor.

Digital Video Baby Monitor Description

Summer Infant Touch Video MonitorSummer Infant Touch Infant is one of the most innovative baby monitor on the market today according to the manufacturer. Being a video monitor you can both see and hear your baby clearly on this device.  The LCD touch screen display makes it easy to navigate. This technologically advanced, visually clear and easy to use monitor has received many 4 and 5 star reviews by happy moms who enjoy the exceptional features provided by the product.

The 9cm colour LCD screen allows you to easily control features such as pan, tilt and zoom making it easy to keep your eyes and ears on your precious little ones, at all times. The installed photo capture technology allows you to take pictures of you baby and your baby’s surrounding. You can then use any of the pictures as your home screen on the LCD screen.

The stylish Summer Infant Baby Monitor is the only video baby monitor available on the market that has the ability to have up to four pan and tilt cameras running alongside it. It allows up to four rooms to be scanned all at the same time. This top of the line smart phone type extra large 3.5” colour display screen also has black and white night vision technology. It is also a two way talk back video baby monitor, providing endless possibilities and fun time while in and out of your baby’s room.

Another great feature is the temperature readout. Although it is nothing new, we still think it is important to mention as it can be a very valuable. This lightweight baby video monitor is designed for travel and can be taken everywhere. Equipped with a docking station for easy charging the fashionable magnetic recharging base for the hand held unit includes rechargeable batteries.  It also comes with a battery pack for the camera, a wireless camera pack as well as a universal adaptor. When fully charged the Summer Infant Touch Digital Video Baby Monitor gives a ten hour prolonged battery life. It also have a energy save option with which you can you switch the video mode off in order to save energy.

Summer Infant Touch Digital Video Baby Monitor Features

  • Extra Large 9cm (3.5″) Colour Display With Black And White Night Vision
  • Easy To Use Touch Screen Display And Menu Controls
  • Pan And Tilt Camera
  • Digital Zoom From Parent Unit
  • Allows Scanning Of Up To 4 Different Rooms Automatically
  • Wireless Camera Pack
  • Temperature Readout
  • Docking Station For Easy Charging
  • One Touch Power Saver Video On/Off Button
  • 2-way talk back
  • Photo Capture Technology
  • Customizable Home Screen From Photo Library
  • Rechargeable batteries included
  • Small Sleek Lightweight Design
  • Universal Adaptor
  • Up to an amazing 10-hour rechargeable battery
  • Video Sensor
  • Clip And Flip Stand
  • LED Sound Lights

Customer Reviews for Summer Infant Touch Baby Monitor

So what are real users of this highly rated product saying about their experience? Here are a few tokens taken from actual reviews:

  • “…Five Stars Fab Product!!!!
  • Five Stars what’s not to like?”
  • “Has revolutionised the way we live”
  • “The camera has great features….”

Summer Infant Touch ScreenOne person wrote a review saying that they had initially considered an audio monitor but after listening to the advice and persuasion of friends and family members they chose this product instead. They are now very happy they did, the benefits are huge.

With an audio only monitor the temptation to run into the room when you hear your baby crying is huge but with the Infant Touch video monitor she can watch and see whether her baby calms down by herself. This is one of the numerous benefits. The screen is very clear and the sound is good. The camera rotates left to right and up and down. And be placed on a flat surface or hooked on a nail on the wall. This is a welcome addition to their family. To finish off her review she rated this product 5 starts.

A very passionate and enthusiastic customer of the Summer Infant Touch said this item is a fantastic must have for all parents with babies. She went on further to state her joy in the picture quality, camera movement and zoom. She says she researched the internet looking for the best camera monitor and this one had the best feedback out of them all. According to her this is a must have product.

Another review stated that it’s much better than a plain IP camera. The reviewer commented on how easy it is to set the monitor up following a few simple steps. They replaced their pain Phillips monitor with this one, the set up involved just plugging it in and turning it on. They state that it is well worth the price!

Another reviewer wrote that there are no two ways about it. The Summer Infant Touch baby monitor is brilliant. Camera positioning, the picture clarity, zoom and sound are all faultless according to the reviewer. They live in a three storey town house with their kids on the top floor and the reception is uninterrupted.

Another reviewer stated that this is an excellent product! Set up is immediate, super user friendly and with fantastic features, such as room temperature display, two way sound and not to mention the amazing camera direction control. Totally exceeded her expectations and worth every penny she spent she commented.


This is a state of the art, smart phone type, touch screen operated video monitor that with its great flexibility gets high praises from many purchasers. It has features that make monitoring your baby a very simple task.


Out of all the reviews there were a few customers who complained about the temperature fluctuating from 19 to 21 degrees in a closed back room with no draft. We believe that real purpose of it is to have some idea of the room’s temperature to ensure the child’s comfort a deviation of two degrees Celsius is not a big deal.


The positive reviews are all telling us about how great this product  is and how it makes it easy to keep and eye and an ear on a newborn baby. We are confident that any mom looking for a great video monitor would not be disappointed with this product.

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